Kuvings vs. Omega Vert Juicer

by Jack

Kuvings NS 750 vs. Omega Vrt 350 Juicer Review

It’s been quite a while now since I started a healthier diet.  The need to lose weight and be healthier, made me decide to go on a veggie/fruit shake diet.  I acquired the Omega Vrt 350 Juicer at the beginning of my journey and recently purchased the Kuvings NS 750 Juicer.  Both are quality juicers, but there are differences; good and bad.  We’ll call this review Kuvings NS 750 vs. Omega Vrt 350 Juicer.

Kuvings NS 750

kuvings silent juicer review

Kuvings NS 750 Silent Juicer

The Kuvings NS 750 silent juicer is one of the few upright juicers on the market today.  What is unique about this juicer is that unlike most masticating juicers, it does not use the crushing method when extracting juice.  The Kuvings NS 750 presses or masticates the produce.  That means the Kuvings juicer forms a better way to extract juice from all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  I must admit, this is my all-time favorite juicer to make wheatgrass, orange, and beet juice.

The technique the Kuvings 750 uses allow the nutrients to be safely transferred into the juice.  Other features include hand grip for safe moving, overheat protection, reset button, low speed (but very powerful) motor, locking lid for extra safety, and a 10 year warranty.  Along with your juice extractor, you will also receive a cleaning brush, juice and pulp cups, and a recipe book.

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Omega Vrt 350

omega vert review

Omega Vrt 350 Masticating Juicer.

The Omega Vert 350 is a masticating juicer that produces quality juice.  It is a machine specially designed to make smoother juice.  It is incorporated with the Heavy Duty 8x Stronger Juicing Screen. With its new design, you will get pulp-free juices.  The Omega Vrt 350 also has a design that is appealing to the eyes.  The juicer is capable of extracting fruits, vegetables, and even leafy greens such as wheatgrass.  Other benefits of the juicer include capability to “reverse” in case clogging occurs, removes pulp automatically, quiet and low speed for better quality juices, and a 10 year warranty.

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Kuvings NS 750 vs. Omega Vrt 350

Both the Kuvings NS 750 and Omega Vrt 350 juicers are of high quality and both comes with a 10 year warranty.  They are both built for durability, but in case you are worried about its quality, the 10 year warranty should cover any damages or malfunctions with your juicer.

The Omega Vrt 350 is a bit pricier than the Kuvings 750, but looks-wise, it is superior.  The Kuvings 750 uses the press and speed technique, while the Omega 350 chews and grinds like all other masticating juicers.  While the Omega Vrt 350 doesn’t produce juice as healthier as the Kuvings NS 750, it does a great job of producing a juice with a sleek texture.

Final Verdict

The main reason why I chose to get the Kuvings NS 750 Juicer was because I wanted to give my family more nutritious juices.  I am not the only one taking on the new healthy lifestyle; my family has slowly joined me in this journey.  Now my whole family enjoys the great flavor and energy produced by drinking veggie/fruit juices. I got our Kuvings Silent Juicer from Amazon.com.

With the KuvingsNS 750 I can be sure that my family gets the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables and fruits in the juices.  The Omega Vrt 350 is also great, in fact I still use it once in a while; it is a good idea to keep them both running in case the other is not available.  Choosing between Kuvings NS 750 vs. Omega Vrt 350 is simply a personal choice; both juicers are wonderful and make outstanding juices.

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