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by Jack

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Get healthy with juicing!

Healthy Juicing Recipes

In order to get the best Juice, you need to research at first. You can unearth a treasure trove of data online. The internet can provide you all the information you need. Check out websites and as well as customer reviews of the products you are searching for. Below are some of my research and even my own experimentation on how to make the best juice:

1. Use bitter fruits and vegetables in moderation. But if you love masticating a piece of ginger, then it’s up to you. Root vegetables such as ginger gives a good zing. If used without caution, it can be really over-powering. Limes are well-known to give a different and exciting flavor when mixed. I definitely tried it and included a quarter in my juice. And it tastes so well!

2. There are some fruits (like grapefruits and oranges) that should be peeled before putting them in since there are harmful toxins in their skin. You can also leave the fruits’ white skin that is just under the surface. I consider grapefruits as one pungent fruit. So when mixing it with other fruits, one grapefruit is just enough.

3. You can use apple as an alternative to sugar. It can sweeten your drinks. It also works in vegetable juices too. Try and taste it for yourself.

Best Juicer Recipes

The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies.

4. When you plan on using pulpy fruits, use it in moderation. It makes it hard for me to clean the juicer because I have to take out all its parts to clean it thoroughly.

5. You need to have a lot of vegetables just to make a 24 oz vegetable juice. This is not a total waste because you can store the juice and make use of it for days to come.

6. You should juice occasionally. It can affect your digestive system.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! It is only through experimenting that you can get the perfect taste for you. When you find a healthy juice recipe, please share them at the comments below.

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