Juicer of the Month – February

by Jack

Since February is the month of hearts, we thought it would be the perfect time to share our juicer of the month, the Kuvings NS 750. The Kuvings Silent Juicer series has caught our eyes  and we really think that their line of masticating juicers deserve more credit than what they are getting. One particular model, the Kuvings 750 Silent Juicer is an excellent example and that’s why we gave it the honor to become our best masticating juicer for the month of February.

Kuvings NS 750 Award Winning Features

kuvings silent juicer review

Kuvings NS 750 Silent Juicer

Here are some of the reasons why this silent juicer by Kuvings deserved our award:

  • It’s made up of BPA – Free Components. Very few juicers out there have this distinction of using materials that are made without bisphenol A. The Department of Health and Human Services expressed “some concern” regarding the possible negative health effects of BPA on behavior, the brain, and prostate gland of infants, children, and even fetuses. So it is very important that we seek out products that are manufactured without using BPA.
  • Low speed extraction. The Kuvings NS 750 runs at 70 RPMs. This is the lowest extraction speed in its class. Hence we get the freshest juice from this juicer.
  • Silent Operation. The Kuvings 750 (according to its manufacturer) operates at about 40-50 decibels. Its sound output comparable to a flowing stream or a humming refrigerator.

Where can I get the Kuvings Silent Juicer?

Click here for more information where you can buy one.

We would like to congratulate Kuuvings for manufacturing an award winning product – the Kuvings NS 750 Silent Juicer.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Happy Juicing!

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