Green Star Elite Masticating Juicer Review

by Jack

Green Star Juicer series was specially made for juicing. It gets nutrients from fruits and vegetables. This kind of juicer can extract fresh and healthy juices as well. You can guarantee that the healthy goodness remain in your juice. You can definitely juice different types of leafy greens, vegetables and fruits with the Green Star Elite Masticating Juicer.

Processing long-stalked celeries and even wheatgrass becomes easy. Juicing is hard if you don’t have the right juicer. By using a Green Star Elite Juicer, you can guarantee that you get the healthiest juice. It has a powerful twin gear which revolves slowly. And this means that less heat is produced and there is less oxidation. Thus, you will create a fresher and healthier juice.

Unlike the Breville Juice Fountain, the twin gears of Green Star Elite Juicer include bio-magnets which extracts more minerals. Thus, it increases the bioavailability of the mineral present in juices. And the essential vitamins and enzymes are also not extracted. Green Star Juicer certainly makes a high quality juice.

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Green Star Elite Features

  • Green Star Elite Juicer comes in a new style! It definitely will look good in your kitchen. And much more, you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables!
  • No need for screw knobs, just use a latch in fastening the twin gear housing. Cleaning is easier! Try it!
  • It features a drip tray to keep away the drips.
  • There is less oxygen that is mixed in so there is only less oxidation produced.
  • It includes Standard Accessories such as: Breadstick Knob, Course, Juicing Knob, Twin Gear Housing, Twin Gears, Fine, Outlet Casing, Strainer, Safety Tray Lid, Breadstick & Homogenizing Screens, Power Cord, Plastic & Wooden Plungers, Safety Hood, Main Body, Juice Pitcher, Drip Tray, Flat & Standard Cleaning Brushes.

The Good

  • 5 years Warranty
  • High Yield.
  • Good customer service

The Bad

  • Cleaning is quite hard. It may take around 10 -12 minutes.
  • A bit up there in terms of price.

GSE 5000 Review – Final Verdict

Green Star Masticating Juicer Review

Green Star Elite Masticating Juicer

Average customer rating out of 127 reviews:

Total Savings: $109.05


Green Star Elite Owner Reviews

I have many uncertainties about buying this kind of expensive juicer. I also found out that there are only few product feedbacks. But I’m really amazed because it produces more juice and cleaning is very easy.

I’m blending different juices before and I’m using a nut milk bag to take out the pulp. But with this Green Star Elite Juicer, there is a total difference of the taste. The juices that are produced can be stored for a long time. I can also make use of the juices for other purposes. I am just glad that I own one!

– Yani Roy

I just bought this juicer and we have been using it for quite a time now. And we love it! It’s so very convenient. We can make good and delicious raw bread dough, banana ice cream and as well as healthy green juices. This juicer is very powerful. Although it features a light-weight plastic hood with sharper edges and has grooves, I can still do the cleaning easily. I really enjoyed using it. I get the most out of my juices every time!

– Petite

I have used three juicers before I bought this one. But this juicer is the most convenient and the best! If you are health-conscious, then I highly recommend that you utilize this kind of juicer. It will definitely give you the freshest and healthiest juice! It is one great juicer!!!

– Joanne

Watch the Green Star Juicer in action in this video below:

Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer Extractor is available at Amazon

Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor

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127 ratings.
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lisa kelly April 15, 2012 at 10:55 pm

great stuff andrea! it’s nice to read your reviews! very spot on. thank you.

– lisa


Debbie March 11, 2012 at 12:10 pm

I am looking to buy either a Omega vrt 350 or greenstar elite 5000. I see there is a huge price difference and both have low rpm”s but with the GS elite is the juice going to be a higher quality? I saw on You tube the difference of output. So just want to get started and dont want to have to buy 2X. Just wondering if anyone could comment on this for me before I decide what to get. I also started out looking at Hurom and seems the Omega VRT 350 does the same thing only you get a course grated as well. Also was curious if that is correct… Thanks!


Jack March 11, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Hi Debbie!

Thank you for trusting our opinion on these matters. We know getting the right juicer at the start is very important. With this in mind, we highly recommend you getting the Omega vrt 350. We like the Omega Vert 350 better because it is produced by a very reputable company and have great customer support. The Omega Vert is also more affordable than the GSE 5000.

Get a $50 discount from the Omega Vert 350 through this link.


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