Best Masticating Juicer – January

by Jack

Happy New Year!

Me and my editorial team has decided to create a masticating juicer of the month awards here at We will be showcasing deserving slow juicers every month for the next 12 months of 2012. This way, you get to read good juicer reviews fresh off the press (so to speak).

For the month of January (after long hours of brainstorming and after countless cups of carrot juice), we give the Juicer of the Month award to …drum roll please… Omega J8006 masticating juicer.

omega masticating juicer review

Click on image to read an in-depth review of Omega J8006.

The Omega J8006 masticating juicer is the latest addition to their J800x series of commercial masticating juicers. The foremost reason why we chose the Omega J8006 for the month of January is because of its sheer juicing power. Notwithstanding its “unappealing” design, the Omega J8006 juicer can really deliver great tasting juices all the time.

Click here to read our Omega J8006 Review

Another factor that we thought was a definite winner, the J8006 slow juicer has a wide chute you can work on when juicing fruits. Unlike the Jack Lalanne Juicer, you spend less time chopping the produce down to smaller portions when juicing with the Omega J8006 commercial juicer.

Last but not the least, we thought the J8006 is super easy to clean. (Enough said).

The J8006 is available at

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Mark April 21, 2013 at 6:16 am

Great info here on the Omega 8006 juicer. I bought one recently and I am extremely happy with it. So much so I wrote a review on it at BestMasticatingJuicer (dot) org. I really love the orange juice, very tasty.


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