Masticating Juicer Reviews – Best Slow Juicers

by Jack

Best Masticating Juicers

An upright masticating juicer in action.

Before I’d give a review of the best masticating juicers available in the market today, I think it is best that you understand the different kinds of masticating juicers you can buy. Each kind has its own strengths and purposes. The 3 types of masticating juicers are:

1. Upright Masticating Juicer

2. Single Gear / Single Auger Masticating Juicers

3. Twin-Gear (Triturating) Juicers

Upright Masticating Juicers use the same principle of juicing that Single Gear Masticating Juicers use. The only noticeable difference between the two is that upright juicers are designed vertically unlike the horizontal orientation of the normal masticating juicer. This revolutionary design of upright juice extractors makes it a very good space saver. Just like horizontally oriented juicers, it sports a higher yield compared to centrifugal juicers.

Single Gear/Auger Masticating Juicers extract juice by chewing or masticating (this is where it got its name) the fruit or vegetable. Single Gear juicers are also known as “slow juicers” because they operate at a lower RPM compared to a centrifugal juicer. Unlike fast juicers, slow juicers can extract juice from spinach, wheatgrass, parsley and other green and leafy herbs and vegetables with greater yield.

Triturating or Twin-Gear Juicers are the most efficient of all masticating juicers. This is because they operate at a much slower RPM than the other two. As a result, you get more juice from the same amount of raw materials. Further, the juice is exposed to lesser friction which greatly preserves freshness. As their name suggest, twin-gear juicers make use of two opposing gears in order to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

What’s My Preference?


When I started juicing, I must admit that I didn’t use a masticating juicer. The speed and ease of use that centrifugal juicers offer appealed to me so much. The juicer that has served me so well back in the day was a Breville Juice Fountain. I loved that juicer so much my wife got jealous with it. 😀

Today I use my brand new (a gift from the wife) Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer. It’s a vertical masticating juicer and I love it now because it is quieter and easier to clean. The juice it produces tastes fantastic!

The BEST Masticating Juicers That I Personally Recommend


Well, not all juicers are created equal. You have to really understand how each juicer works and you also have to consider your budget. But hey, when it comes to our health, I strongly recommend against skimping. So depending on your juicing needs and your budget here are my recommendations:

Image Model Type Price Notes
Omega Vertical Masticating Juicer Omega Vert Low-Speed Juicer Vertical,  Single Auger $310 to $349 My wife gave the Omega Vert to me (as a gift). I use it almost everyday. It is not noisy and it takes about 90 seconds to disassemble, wash and reassemble the unit. Cleaning is a breeze! Oh did I mention that the juice tastes fantastic? Comes with a 10-year limited warranty. [Read More…]
Hurom Masticating Juicer Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer Vertical,  Single Auger

$308.99 to $358.90

High Yield dual-stage extraction. Capable of juicing kale, romaine and wheatgrass. 10-year warranty. [Read More…]
Omega Masticating Juicer Omega J8006 Masticating Juicer Horizontal, Single Gear Masticating Juicer $249.95 to $299.00 Comes with a powerful motor. Runs at 80 RPM. Heavy duty. 10-year limited warranty. [Read More…]
Angel Twin Auger Masticating Juicer Super Angel Stainless Steel Juice Extractor Machine Horizontal, Twin Auger $990 to $1005 Super Heavy-duty. If you want to extract juice to the very last drop, then this twin-gear juicer is for you. 5-year warranty. [Read more…]

That’s it guys! I hope you find the information here at Best Masticating Juicers worthwhile and will lead you to many happy juicing days ahead!